Christmas as told by Small

It’s Christmas soon isn’t it? Mummy thinks I don’t know that, but I do. I might not know it like Big knows it (Man, if her head could explode with excitement, it would!) but I know it.

This is how i know it…

Big’s head is about to explode with excitement (I said that didn’t I?) but it really, really is! She keeps saying she wishes it was tomorrow but I know Mummy doesn’t. Mummy doesn’t because I know this too: She. Is. Not. Ready. She keeps making lists, looks at Amazon a lot then drinks more coffee. We’re not doing a lot of physio at the moment, so Christmas is fine by me.

My nursery is putting on a play which means I’m not doing much physio there either! We listen to songs a lot and I flap along to them. I love music. Lovely Pam is determined to have me sat up on stage, not sat in my special chair. Really, I’d rather sit in my special chair as it’s a lot more comfy than sitting on the cold, hard stage and I know I’ll get sat behind the tall kid with a cold, but I appreciate what she’s doing. She says I’m going to be a star. I love shiny things so this is going to be great.

There is a lot more cake in the house.

Whenever we go out, I hear singing. Mummy says they’re carols, I just love them, they’re so beautiful and always make me smile.

Big has a lot of lines to say in her Christmas play and I have to listen to her say the same words over and over again so she can ‘learn her lines and be better than Tyler’ is what Mummy says. I don’t mind though, I love seeing Big so happy. Mummy says I’m a huge distraction, because Big just keeps coming over to give me a cuddle rather than do her lines (this is what I do to Mummy when I don’t want to practise anything too) but I love listening to Big. Whatever she says is funny.

There are shiny things everywhere. I see then at nursery hanging up, I see them when we go out shopping, all the lights, and all that beautiful shiny-ness… it’s the best thing ever.

Mummy says we are staying home for Christmas this year, not travelling up and down the country as I find that a bit difficult sometimes – new places and new people sometimes unsettle me and then I don’t sleep. Mummy likes me to sleep. She says the she’s a new Mummy when I sleep. I don’t want a new Mummy, I like this one, but I think she just means she likes sleeping too. So everyone is coming to visit us, which is brilliant as it means there will be loads of wrapping paper to enjoy flapping at and eating. Sometimes people wrap the paper around things which makes it really hard to get hold of, but Big always helps me get it off. I call that team work, she gets the toy and I get the paper, it’s perfect.

So it’s Christmas, and in my own way, I know it’s coming. I know that people are happy and excited about it, and that makes me happy and excited too. I like to think I bring a new perspective to it, because that’s what Mummy and Daddy say too. It’s a very long word, so it must be true.

Happy Christmas everyone xx



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