A walk home with Big

On Fridays I don’t work and Small is at nursery so I get to pick up Big from school and walk home with her. Just us two. It’s only 15 minutes, but I just like it. The Us of it.

There is another whole post for this topic, but, for now, it’s enough to say that some quite wonderful people in our town are organising a fundraising event for Small which quite blows me away in its generosity. I’m starting to talk to more people about this so I feel it’s about time to tell Big.

‘Yes Mummy?’
‘I just wanted you to know that some very lovely people organise a fundraising event every year and next year they want to give the money to Small, isn’t that nice? It means we can buy him a trike so that when you go on your bike, instead of him being stuck in his pram, he can cycle with you.’
Pause. I turn to look at Big and see she’s having a think.
‘Are you ok?’
‘Are you thinking?’
‘What are you thunking?’
‘I was thinking that there used to be a time when I would wish that Small wasn’t disabled. I’d look at him and wish he was just like everybody else. But now, I like that he’s disabled. I just like Small how he is. I love him’.
‘We all love him. Just like he is.’
‘Yes, although Mummy I think really I’d rather scoot than cycle with him…?’

Aylesbury Vale-20120725-00378


One thought on “A walk home with Big

  1. I’ve just been catching up with your blog and wish I could comment on all of the posts. They have all struck a chord (and I really hope the respite works out).. But I had to pick one to comment on before heading off to SALT and physio and it’s this one. Big sounds like such a great big sister. I think she and Sissyboo would be great friends. They even own the same dress!

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