The Wood For The Trees… The Woody, sorry Wordy, Part


Have you been braced on the edge of your seat? Well, Rufus is extremely clever. And here is for why. I promised you a wordy follow up, some notes loosely jotted down to cobble together to talk about life in the Undiagnosed. Again. No, but seriously, it was there to explain my blogger’s holiday. Why, all of a sudden, I’ve actually been too busy. So Rufus thought he’d only go and make me even busier. During a routine clinic follow up, that actually wasn’t so routine, as it was the one that would show us the shape of his brain otherwise described as MRI results, he decided to take it up a notch. Take his temperature up a few degrees too much. And end the already very long day after three appointments with his first seizure. And another one after that. He pieced together the jigsaw for me. So not…

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